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"I think the number one thing that I find important is the importance of honesty with your friends and your parents, if you can be. But I think that telling people how you really feel, being who you truly are, being safe and taking care of yourself is the most important thing."

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"Oh wow, you fucking loved them. That makes it even fucking worse, Raelyn! Why the fuck did you leave them then, huh? Could’ve just carried on killing yourself to keep them happy, and knocking off more innocent people with them! You clearly fucking care about them more!" George’s hands were curled into fists at his sides, and he grit his teeth at her next words.

"Are you kidding me? Don’t you fucking dare try to pin this on me, you stupid bitch! You chose to be their slut of a blood bag, and I searched for you every fucking day until they locked me up in the fucking hospital because I was half dead! And then when you came back, I supported you through the whole damn trial, even though we both know you deserve to be locked up. And then- Then you fucking left again!” He wasn’t sure at what point during his rant he had started to cry, but he certainly had, despite his best efforts. He wanted to scream, though in rage or hurt he wasn’t quite  sure. He was supposed to be strong, and yet here he was, practically having an emotional breakdown. George knew he should leave before things got even worse, but he stayed still, save to wipe the tears from his face.


"No, you couldn’t, and you can’t now, either. I don’t want you going anywhere near her, clear? She’s just a kid, and she still thinks you’re fucking innocent. If you speak to her, I swear to god I’ll send you back to the fucking bloodsuckers." His wasn’t shouting now, but his voice had taken on a menacing tone. Ray’s next words shocked him, and he took a half step back. How could she know?

"You don’t know a fucking thing about me." He replied, his voice almost a whisper as he took another step back. "You don’t know a thing about Juliet. She’s my little sister, and I can take care of her just fine without you."

"I left for Caelum." Ray admits, her next words bringing up boiling guilt and shame, feelings she knew she’d never truly leave behind. "I left because he made me realize how badly they’d fucked with me, how deeply I was connected to them. I wasn’t supposed to fall in love with her, that wasn’t ever the plan. I was just a toy, until I was more."

"Do you even know why I was their toy? Why I was their slut, willingly? She was going to kill you, and I took your place. My blood in exchange for the protection of everyone at Hogwarts and everyone I love. I spent a year being sucked dry for you and Jules and Lou  and Mum and Dad and Damien and everyone else.”

"You’re right. I deserve to be locked up. What I did, what I remember- I should be in Azkaban for the rest of my life, you’re right. But I’m not, and it’s a fucking miracle. And I’m not about to waste it."

"You can’t stop me, George. If she wants me, I’ll be there. With or without you." Ray snapped, eyes hardening as she registered her cousin’s threat. "I kept dragons, I ran with vampires. You think you are anything of a threat to me, George, really? Juliet is my family, and she needs me. You get in my way, you hurt her, you’ll wish you’d been the one taken by vampires."

"I don’t know Juliet? I don’t? Who helped her study while she was in school? Who’s lap did she sit in as she cried? Who took her out of school and gave her a home? I did, George. Not you. Juliet is- she’s your sister, but it’s like she’s my daughter. If you can take such good care of her, why is she crying? Why is she running from you, to me? I want to do this with you, I want to build this family again, George, to get back to the way it was, but if you don’t let me help her, if you keep me from her, it will never be the same.

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xdamn xray loves him xbut juliet needs her more xray really does feel like juliet's her kid xit's so weird because they're only a few yers apart xbut ray feels for her the same way her mom feels for ray xgahhhh


"Oh, cut the fucking bullshit. First you left us, your own damn family, for a bunch of murderous fucking bloodsuckers, then you ran again because you were fucking scared and guilty as all hell." He was yelling now, and his eyes stung with tears that he did his best to blink away. He wouldn’t let her see him break. He couldn’t.


"You shouldn’t have fucking come back. You should have stayed off with your little blonde bitch. I don’t want you here. You abandoned us, Ray! I needed you! Jules fucking needed you! You didn’t care then, so don’t try to tell me you fucking care now."

"A bunch of murderous fucking bloodsuckers that I LOVED, George. I don’t remember them well, but I remember how I felt. And goddamn, they were family to me. And that one, the woman- I was in love with her. Properly. I would have died for them, and nearly did, just like I would for you. So yes, I fucking left. To grieve. To get over my past, to finally clear my fucking head so I could be good again. For you. "

"Don’t you fucking dare, George. Don’t go there. You don’t get to call him that, you fucking git. I abandoned you? I was a vampire’s chewtoy for MONTHS, George. You think it’s fun, losing more pints of blood a day than a potion can replace?  I went through hell daily to protect you. You needed me? Grow up. I’m not your mother, I never was. I needed you and you weren’t there. Why should I be there for you?"

"Jules is- that’s different. I’m- I couldn’t take care of her. Not properly, not then. I was a danger to her, to you, to me. It wasn’t safe. The way I was, she’d have found me dead in a pool of my own sick,  the same way I’m going to find you if you don’t stop."

"I know what it’s like, to hit the bottle. I did it. Hell, I still do it. But not like this. Not this hard for this long, George. You’re killing yourself, and you’re making Jules watch. Think I don’t care? Fine. But you know she does. And every step you take towards that bottle is another one away from her."

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"Hold on - " Owana said, trying to think as rationally as she could. "How did Damien know you were pregnant and you didn’t? Christ, do babies have some sort of sixth sense?" 

She looked at her son as though seeking the answers but his only response was a spit bubble and a giggle. 

"That aside - The only way you wouldn’t be healthy enough to have a baby is if you were terminally ill or severely underweight - neither of which you are so in that sense you’re fine. But- " She ran a hand over her face. "As for if you’re ready … I can’t answer that one for you Ray. I know it’s a shite answer and it’s not what you want to hear, but only you know if you’re ready. In my honest opinion, you’re a bit young. But you’re old enough to think on your own. Whatever you decide, I will help you through it.”

Owana reached out and took her son’s little hand in hers, stroking the back of his chubby fist with her thumb. “You may not be married but Caelum loves you. Whether your father wants to admit it or not, that much is obvious. Marriage is just an piece of legal paper, your readiness won’t change whether or not you have a ring on your finger.” 

"Children have an easier time sensing magic than adults do- it’s why muggle children see ghosts until age seven or so," Ray murmured, remembering her pediatrics training as a healer. 

"I don’t know how he knows, if he can sense the baby’s magic, but…I’d bet he’s right" she sighed heavily, unsure of what to do.

Her mother’s words brought a watery smile to her face, though she knew her decision. She was going to have this baby.

"It would be better, though, if we were married, wouldn’t it? We’re mates and all, but..marriage seems so final. I know I’m going to spend the rest of my life with him, I couldn’t imagine it any other way, but- you’re right. It doesn’t matter. We’re together. Now I just have to figure out how to tell him."

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Δ Countdown to Skin Game

Day 06 - Seven Laws of Magic

The Laws are not about justice, the White Council is not about justice, they are about restraining power.
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George stared at her, frozen in shock. For so long he had waited impatiently for her to come home, ready to welcome her back with open arms. Those days were gone, however, and George grit his teeth as he shoved away his feelings of shock and relief.


"Let me get this straight," He said, taking a step towards her and fixing her with a cold glare. "You think you can disappear for months again, then just come back and grab a drink like everything’s fucking fine?!” George was but a few feet from her now, his hands clenched into fists at his sides as his mind flooded with anger.

They had needed her. They needed her, and she had left them twice now. Ray had been like the glue that held them together, and without her, they were drifting away. Louis was working constantly; George hadn’t even seen him in weeks. And Juliet- He was losing her too. She was leaving early and coming home late, and it had been days since he had even properly spoken to her. Those who were most important to him were leaving, and his heart ached at just the thought.

"No. No, I don’t. Everything’s not fine, Georgie. I know that. Do you think I wanted to leave? You think that I would have done anything but stay with you, if I could? Yes, George, I left. Why? Why’d I leave? Vampires. Georgie. Fucking vampires.You don’t- you’ve never. I couldn’t let them near you. Any of you.”

"So Caelum and I ran. And hid. And nearly died a few times in the process. We’d still be gone, if the American ministry hadn’t stepped in. But that’s not important. What’s important is that I’m back.

"Georgie, I’m back, and I’m not leaving again. I promise you. "

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  “See, I knew it!”


  “Pleasure. I’m James Sirius Potter.”

"Potter, really?" Ray murmured, slightly confused.

"Strange, then, considering I’m half-Potter, that we’ve never met. I do believe that would make us…cousins?"

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Moodboard: George and Ray ( askrayweasley )
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adios muchachos!

i will be here in the morning.

or maybe around noonish, depending.

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  “I’m guessing because you’ve met ‘my type’ before?”


"He’s my fiance, actually, but yes."

"Name’s Ray Weasley. And you are?"

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   ”I am so offended by that!


  “But there’s a slight possibility it might be true.”

"That’s what I thought."

"Want to know how I know?"

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"We are only as strong as we are united, as weak as we are divided."

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   You say pretty boy like it’s a bad thing. 


Oh, it is. I know your type. Panty dropper, egomaniac.

I know all your tricks, handsome, so don’t even try.

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